Symmetry Service

RATherapy & Training is proud to offer the Partnership Symmetry Service…

In recent years the use of sports therapies for injury prevention and improved
performance has become commonplace in mainstream sports of all levels. In
equestrian sport it is incredibly important that these practices are not overlooked…


Back pain has been shown to alter the biomechanics of the equine spine, possibly predisposing the rider to back pain and stiffness as a consequence. In addition, as riders are trained to communicate with their horse through the bilateral application of pressure-based aids, being ‘crooked’ may detrimentally affect training.

RA Therapy & Training offers a unique Partnership Symmetry Service, for optimum

This service includes…

  • Full Assessment of the horse and rider
  • 30-minute preliminary coaching session
  • Full treatments for horse and rider
  • Follow up reports and prehabilitaion program
  • Special discounts for subsequent treatments and coaching