Mobile Clinic

New in 2021...

RA Therapy & Training is very excited to reveal ‘Birdie’ The Treatment Truck!

This fantastic vehicle allows a full range of Human Services to be delivered to clients in a warm, comfortable and clean environment at any location. Please enquire today if you would like to see this facility at your yard or events.

The treatment truck can be found within the trade stands at a range of  equestrian and non-equestrian events and your welcome to come and say hi at anytime…you can’t miss us, it’s very yellow!

"I've had combined treatments from Robyn, for my horse and myself for years - However this warm dry treatment room was a gamechanger!"
Event Rider
"I hope people don't forget this service is available for non-equestrian sports too! I can't wait to see that yellow lorry at the triathalon finish line!"
'As soon as COVID allows I'll be booking 'The Treatment Truck' to come to our yard on a regular basis...I believe it'll be a huge help to a number of my clients'
Livery Yard Manager